Preparing files for upload to your web server (Part 5)



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WordPress (Blogging Software)

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FileZilla (FTP – File Transfer Protocol)

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Continued in part 6 where we will walk through how to upload files via FTP. All web site hosts that are worth their salt, offer some way for you to upload files to their web server. Most reliably though, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used. In this demonstration it is clear that that was needed to accomplish a successful uploading of extracted files.

It is always faster to upload a zip file containing many files than to extract all the files first and upload them one by one. Since extraction on the server is performed rather easily in CPanel control panel or in this case a control panel called VDesk used by iPage.

You can always upload or download files if you FTP access. Keep in mind that it is better to use secure FTP whenever possible.