How to make a blog/web site: Introduction (Part 1)



A Beginner’s Web Development Course – Build a Blog “From Scratch!”

This video series is the most thorough training you will find for beginners, looking to build/make their own blog or web site.

I’ll take you through every aspect of building a blog that will not leave anything out. You’ll have a complete, fully functional professional web site by the time we’re done with this series.

As an additional service to our web site visitors, we also want to invite you to attend our live webinar training series on How to build a blog/website. We will cover the same material but even more in-depth allowing you to build your web site with the aid of a professional web developer to whom you can address any questions or concerns.

Our training series really is the best training you will find, whether you’re looking to build web sites for some extra income, or simply a cash strapped start-up who needs a web presence fast.

We can build your site for you!

If you’d rather have someone build a web site for you, we have professional developers ready to help you set up and build your blog. We offer the service to those who don’t have the time to build a web site themselves. If you simply need a hand to get the blog installed on your web site host, we can do that as well. Please reach out via the form below to request assistance.

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