How to format and beautify your blog posts (Part 12)



This video tutorial walks through how to beautify pages and posts in WordPress. A very simple process, once you understand the similarities with a word processor. Beautification is more than just choosing colors and fonts, images and video.

You need logical order and structure that leads your visitor to make a decision. For this page, I want my visitors to watch the video tutorial, hence it is right up front and center, large with cues that there is more to this page.

In fact the very text you are reading now, is purposefully designed to keep the user on the page, supply additional information that was not supplied in the video and hopefully continue watching the next video in the series.

It is not necessary to have the most beautifully designed pages, information and valuable information is the draw. Once a user visits this page and watches the video, they either move on and watch the next one, or stick around and read the rest of the article.

Design and layout play a role in that you need to communicate with your audience in the most efficient way and get them the information they came to the page to get. This is not always as simple as it seems. After all, we build web pages to appeal to our visitors. There is quite a bit of trial and error involved.

In upcoming videos I will be going into greater depth in page layout, design and optimization. There is a plethora of strategies on tracking user interaction using heat maps, mouse click tracking, many of which will give you clues as to what users expect to find and do on your page. Mouse tracking is especially important as this analytical tool will indicate areas on the page that your visitor is clicking and expecting to get interaction.

You will often be surprised at what users expect to interact with. This is a frustrating thing for a user, especially when they click an image that looks like a button for example, and get nada!