How to embed Youtube video in WordPress (Part 14)



This video tutorial walks through how to embed a Youtube video into your WordPress web site. In fact this procedure will work with basically any web site. It also will work with embedding any video from any source, provided you can access the video via a url.

Embedding a video that you own or have the mp4 file for, for example, is slightly different and unfortunately comes with its own challenges. Modern browsers that support video embedding via HTML5 is a little more complicated due to licensing issues.

Flash used to be the preferred way to embedd video for the web, but many devices like Apple iPhones for example, do not render flash video. The alternative, which is headache free is to host your videos on Vimeo, which has free and paid options.

This web site uses Vimeo Pro to host its videos for the sheer simplicity and reliability of doing so. There are also many other reasons I have chosen to make Vimeo my video hosting solution. One of the biggest reasons is the fact that Vimeo allows for unlimited video views with a weekly upload bandwidth limit which is easy to live with.

I have tried other paid third party options like Wistia, but these are extremely limited and are much more expensive. The choice most people decide to go with and the free option is to host your videos on Youtube. I will have another tutorial discussing the pros and cons of doing this in the future.