How to create and prepare the database for WordPress (Part 7)



The life blood of any CMS is its database. We create and prepare the database to house all your WordPress data. It’s where the information comes from and is stored. The proper creation of your database is critical. Simply following these few simple guidelines pointed out in this video tutorial will keep your web site much safer than the average WordPress site owner.

Many people neglect limiting their database access levels and often choose easy to guess or easy to determine password combinations. It really doesn’t matter how good you think your passwords are, if it makes sense it’s not a good password. If a password is found in the English dictionary it’s a bad password.

The database creation phase is an integral part to a healthy WordPress web site. Consider regularly changing the user names and passwords to your database.

This is by no means and exhausting list of things you need to do to protect yourself, but it is a starting point. I will be covering a more in-depth video tutorial on security options for WordPress sites, like hiding the paths to your login areas and also monitoring your plugins and keeping them up to date.

Security should not be an after-thought, but unfortunately it is often only even considered after something catastrophic has happened.