How to create pages in WordPress (Part 11)



This video tutorial walks through how to create pages in WordPress. The process is similar to creating posts, and once you get either of these down, it’s pretty simple if you already are familiar with using Microsoft Office or similar word document editing software.

You use pages in your WordPress site when you’re not planning to make constant updates to them. An example would be a services page, and about page or contact page with a form. These pages stay around for a long time on your site and often see little to no change.

If you can, add content of roughly 400-700 words, the more the better. The reason for this is to give the search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo, some context of what your subject matter is about. Context is everything, so be sure to use keywords in your page’s text. Don’t overdo this however, because that will bring potential future complications and may hurt your ranking in organic search. (More on this in future tutorials on SEO).

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page that is used with heavy emphasis on a specific context or subject matter. The goal of a landing page is to aid in converting a site visitor to take a specific action on the web site. You can use landing pages for a variety of things, generate leads, explain a product offer and even sell products on the page (we will cover this in future videos).

Without bombarding you with too much information, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind when creating a landing page.

  1. Keep it simple and get to the point.
  2. Know your audience and speak their language
  3. Make sure your objective is clear and concise and doesn’t assume a great level of understanding to complete.

Keeping it Simple

This is really a no brainer, but often times we tend to overcomplicate things. One of the reasons people move from one web site to another is due to frustration and loss of interest. The attention span of an internet user is notoriously poor, so you best get to the point and fast. Don’t have too much clutter on the page and offer up the information that your users expect to see high up on the page so they don’t need to scroll and search for what they want.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who you’re talking to is paramount. If you’re selling a fun and hip product, it won’t make much sense to have copy on your page that is boring and drawn out. Research comes down to gathering intelligence on your audience and the audience of your competition. Use services like SpyFu or invest in some software like SEO Powersuite where you can gather competitive intelligence on your competition. Knowing how already successful companies operate in your niche is a great way to produce better results.

In future videos I will be going over some competitive intelligence methods and walk you through how to gather data on your competition. There are free ways and paid ways to do this, but in my experience the paid options pay for themselves really quickly, due to the sheer amount of lengthy work involved in gathering the data.

Make the Close

Closing the sale is critical to any successful sales operation. Doing it too soon will kill the sale and doing it too late or making it too hard for your client to purchase something or finish filling out the lead form will turn away more people than you keep interested.

Give your visitor the information they need to make a decision. Keep some information back or offer some more expanded info, like an ebook, report etc. once they fill out a lead form. This is a great way to get them in the door quickly and get another opportunity to build that relationship.

Being successful when you’re selling anything online is all about trust and reputation. Once you give your client valuable and well thought out information that is needed and useful and most importantly, solves their problem, you will have won a client that you can continue to build an ongoing relationship with.

This ongoing relationship is key to the growth of your business. It is far cheaper to keep a customer happy than to find new ones. There is a lot that goes into closing the sale, from color theory and design elements used, to language used and tone.

I hope these few points will at least get you thinking about ways to improve your conversion rate, regardless of the industry you’re in. Remember to like and share this post if it was helpful to you!