We’ve all wanted to do this from the first time. Record or save a YouTube video. There are many ways to save a YouTube video to your computer, many of which involves purchasing some software and others that don’t cost a dime.

In this video tutorial, I have opted to demonstrate a “free” alternative to save Youtube videos to your computer. This has been the method I have used flawlessly for years now. It is available in more than just the Firefox browser. I have included links below to Firefox and Chrome extensions for your convenience. (extensions and addons are basically the same thing, Google just decided to use a different name for the addon.)

The download link to this Firefox addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/?src=ss

This addon is available as an extension in the Chrome browser:  

I’m not advocating that you take copyrighted videos (if its able to be embedded through YouTube) then you can do it. The author or owner of the Youtube account has left that setting enabled to allow sharing.

Videos that are not allowed to be embedded are still capable of being copied using the method demonstrated in this video tutorial, but that becomes an issue you will have to weight the pros and cons on.

Any videos we use, as in the video above, is for educational purposes and videos that are used for satirical purposes are not subject to the same restrictions. Do your homework and if in doubt, consult someone who knows.