How to point your domain name to your web host – ipage or inmotionhosting


Setting your nameservers or pointing your domain name to your web site host is a very important administrative step to take just after purchasing a domain name and hosting. This video specifically explains how to set the nameservers for inmotionhosting and Both are incredible hosting companies with vast resources and top notch service.

Your web site host has nameservers where domain names can be pointed. The domain name registrar needs to know where the domain name will reside. In recent years, domain names have become a hot topic, with great domain names becoming increasingly hard to come by.

We will be having a tutorial on how to choose a good domain name in the next few days, but know that when you find a good domain name, hold on to it. Set it to auto renew, either for 1 or 2 years. Your domain name can increase in value over time and become very desirable to new businesses.

The domain name fetched a whopping $35million back in 2007. When I first started out in internet marketing back in 1999 I had no idea that domain names would explode the way it has. Since then I have secured dozens of domain names that are very valuable. Hold on to yours. In time they will become highly sought-after treasures!