How to buy a domain name from Namecheap


Please watch the video for a walk-through in getting your domain name and click the “GET MY DOMAIN NAME NOW” button to secure your domain name.

Namecheap is by far the best and most cost effective option. Buying a domain name, while being a relatively easy task to perform, is harder to find a successful domain name that improves your web site’s appeal. The tutorial video lists the simple steps you can follow in order to buy a domain name. Once you’ve bought your domain name, consider watching “how to point your domain name to your web site host” This video will cover setting your nameservers for IPage and Inmotionhosting – two of the most widely used and popular web site hosts.

Does My Domain Name Matter?

In a word, yes. In recent years, it has become impossible to find a good single syllable domain name in the English language as a .com. Dot coms are traditional and well known of all the top level domain name extensions. Other popular domain names include, .net, .org, although the latter leaves a rather spammy taste in my mouth.

If at all possible get a dual syllable domain name that is easy to sound and not get confused, easy enough for an average person to spell and one that sums up all that your web page is. If this sounds like a rather daunting task – it is.

Over the years I have accumulated many domain names each for which a different purpose has been planned.

A thesaurus is a great tool in helping you find the right words or combination of words to build out a well rounded succinct domain name.

Some search engines still give props to domain names with keywords in them, taking the name of the domain as a signal of the content that may appear on the domain. It has been used and abused so this tactic is not a panacea, especially in Google. Other search engines still use it and there are strategies and methods that still work to this day when it comes to choosing a good domain name that the search engines love.