How to make a blog webinar: Session 2 Preparation

How to make a blog webinar: Session 2 Preparation

Software Suggestions

Image Editors

Most of the prettiness of a web site comes from images. The image editor is a web designers most useful tool. For the second session in the live webinar on “How to make a blog/website” it would benefit you to get hold of an image editor either paid or free.

To the right you’ll find links to where you can find a paid version and free version of software that are both excellent tools of the trade. We will walk you through basic image editing and site layout in this session.


Pretty much a household name, Photoshop has been around it seems, forever. Its really the bread and butter of any web designer and graphic designers and is the industry standard tool for serious professional web designers. Adobe has moved to a monthly or annual membership service fee for the access to Adobe’s Creative Cloud for around $10/month. You get access to the latest and greatest.


Probably one of the most robust free alternatives to Photoshop out there. I really like GIMP because its rather mature and has come a long way since its inception. For most people with basic web sites, this image editor will be sufficient. The drawback is that there is far greater support for Photoshop with a much more polished look and feel with very advanced professional functionality.

Royalty Free Stock Photography

Graphics and a web designer are inseparable. The problem is that many stock photography sites are inherently expensive. Depositphotos is a site I have been using for years with very good results. They currently have rather generous image download plans with very high quality images including vector graphics and animation.