land Improve Site Performance With a Web Site Audit

Improve Site Performance With a Web Site Audit

Improve Your Site Performance with an In-Depth Web Site Audit

No one can promise you the number 1 position in any search engine. But you can work to achieve it. You can improve your chances of success dramatically by starting where most of your competitors aren’t. That’s right, most of your competitors are not doing this. By running an in-depth detailed web site audit, you can fly past them, boost your rankings and increase your bottom line.

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What You'll Receive

We’ll send you a completed search engine optimization report for your domain name. One report per customer. Your report will include a structural problem analysis – showing you the errors with code on your site.

Additionally, your report will display the number of on-page issues, broken links, excessive links, redirects, backlink factors, social media popularity, indexing and crawlability and various technical factors that can have a dramatic effect on your rankings.

We’re also sending a 50% coupon to a limited number of clients, good for furture SEO reports. Fill out the form to the right and SAVE!

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You’ll receive a link to access the web site audit and set up an appointment to go over the results with one of our engineers. (highly recommended).

Why this is better than other "free" audits

The reason it’s better, is because it’s not free. We pay for it. Most SEOs offer their potential clients a “taste” of what they offer, then sell the real service. This is not a bad thing, after all SEOs are in business to make money. The problem is the superficial, one page audit this doesn’t really help the client’s situation.

The reason you’ll actually be able to DO SOMETHING with this report, is because there’ll be a follow up with actionable steps, in order to help you succeed. You’ll very likely not get that level of service from any other SEO or marketing firm.

With our web site audits, there are no strings attached. We understand that while there are some clients who will take the information and run, not giving us an opportunity to earn future business, there are others that won’t. We want you to feel like we’re earning your business.

Other SEO Services We Provide

Other services we provide:

Competitive Intel Reports: 
This involves a detailed analysis of your competition.

Ranking Analysis Reports: (We can include competitors as well and monitor their rankings)
This displays your current rankings in real-time, unlike all other SEOs, you will get real time results. We can show you where you and other competitors rank for various keywords.

Landing Page Optimization Report (We will analyze PPC landing pages)
There is no place more critical than the landing page for a pay per click ad. If you’re running PPC ads and sending them to a page on your web site that has not been optimized for this purpose, you’re either wasting money, or leaving a lot of money on the table. Let us optimize your landing pages and increase their profitability.

Page Level Optimization Report
Here we take a page from your site and plug in various target keywords and phrases, and analyze the page to see how it can be improved. We will make suggestions of various content improvements or modifications, location placement and also provide ways to enhance the page for improved conversion.

Keyword Mining and Planning
Any well thought out online marketing strategy begins with research. Keyword research for a specific set of keywords can make the difference between your site receiving 100 visitors and 10,000. Our unique strategy to mining and generating targeted keywords will benefit your business and allow you to find reach clients that all your competitors are very likely, never going to capture.

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” – Benjamin Franklin