How to Make Money Fast Online
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Don’t you get tired of people who always expect to get something for nothing. These are the people want to make money online by doing as little as humanly possible. The people wanting to know how to make money fast online, will be led astray, unfortunately. Their searches are so predictable: “how to make money fast online” or “how to make easy money fast”.

These types of searches betray the intent of the searcher and can give us a glimpse into the mind of an attitude that is so pervasive these days. If you’re wanting to make money but are unwilling to invest a few dollars in a business venture, how much faith do you really have in that venture? They’re just unwilling to cough up ten bucks for a domain name and some hosting.

Don’t get me wrong. I totally understand the attraction of FREE! Most of my tutorials show people how to get around the costly way of doing things and use free tools wherever possible. The difference there is that when you’re trying to accomplish a goal, if you can use free tools to do the job, do it. It’s just sound business sense. Worse than wanting something for nothing, is wanting to make money fast for nothing. No effort is desired to bring forth what men have been struggling to do since time immemorial.

The Obama-Babies

obama-babies-dont-want-to-workToday we live in a world of entitled babies. This generation sees hard work as a plague. They believe world owes them something. They hate everything about the rich, yet envy their riches. They believe that taking money from wealthy people and redistributing it to those who have less, is somehow a righteous honorable thing. Sadly, we live in a world where the vast majority of people think it’s perfectly alright to eliminate the concept of winning and losing in schools is a good thing. Everyone’s a winner they say. That could not be further from the truth. What you have is a generation of Obama-babies.

These people want everything for nothing. It’s never about hard work. It’s always about cutting corners, doing less for more. Ad after ad online gets shoved in our faces: “make money in your pajamas while you sleep”. Just get a blog and get rich! These people have no clue what they’re talking about, just selling a fantasy and deliberately being deceptive to scam people who quite frankly, make themselves wide open targets because of their entitled attitude.

Instant Internet Empires – Money Making Machine

make money fast online - instant internet empires
In the summer of ‘99 I myself was bitten by the make money online bug. This was back in the good old days of Lycos and HotBot, yeah, I’m old enough to know who they were. After much searching online, I came across this all-in-one money making package called: “Instant Internet Empires” created by a guy named Frank Kern. He was peddling the get an internet empires business in a box (recently I discovered that got in hot water with the feds a few years ago because of other people pretending to be him and defrauding a bunch of people). He had snapshots of his income statements to prove how much money he was making each month.

This guy pretty much sold this money making package touting the usual stuff about making money while you sleep. All the work is done for you. You get 5 easy to sell digital products that practically sell themselves. All this sales talk, sounded so good. As old and overused as it sounds now, is still widely used with staggering effect, to this day. Who in their right mind, believes this stuff?

I did. So I bought it. Naïve much? I think it would have burned me badly, had I sat around and waited for the money to come rolling in. However, I did what most people think they’ll never need to do. I actually busted my chops for the next couple of weeks pushing this free website with the digital ebook information products through the free website that came with it.

It was a rather clever concept and you didn’t even need to build your own site. You got a single sales page. I think I put this thing on geocities (some of you, I’ve probably lost by now – or you’re searching Google – for: “what the heck is geocities!”). At the time, I knew nothing about making websites. I barely understood the internet. It was still a pretty novel thing for me.

Anyway, green eyed and ready to go take over the world, I spent many late nights and into the early morning hours, researching and promoting my web site.

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Show Me the Money!

making cash fast online
I waited until after 7pm, since it was cheaper to go online at night. By the way, this was in a country where your phone minutes was equal to time on the internet, around 37c a minute on DIAL UP! There was no free calls to your area code as we have here in the U.S. For those of you who can still remember that annoying screeching sound of the modem as it connected. Since I was working through the night, I had to muffle the sound of the modem with pillows so I wouldn’t wake the rest of the house up. Ah, dial-up, those were the days.

You had to act quickly too. Get online, pray that the sites loaded quickly – time literally was money. Still, I couldn’t believe it when I actually started to sell this stuff. It is such a cool feeling when you make your first sale online. It’s a bug that bites you and you never forget that feeling. And what I was selling, man, people ate this stuff up! The pitch was that you could make money fast online, except my experience was anything but fast. Nor was it easy or cost me nothing. The sad part is that, in all my enthusiasm I neglected to secure a way to get my funds out. As the money came into my PayPal account, I didn’t spend it right away.

Paypal, Not Playing Fair

Then the day came for me  to withdraw my money from Paypal into my bank account. You see, Paypal at that time, didn’t allow certain countries to extract funds from their PayPal accounts to their bank accounts. Not too sure what the reasons where, I guess it was to prevent trading in dollars without giving the banks their cut. We had some serious exchange controls. To cut a long story short, I had no way to get my money out since we were not on the list of approved countries for withdrawing funds. I was devastated, with no way to get the money I made, out. So that’s how my first online venture ended. I crashed and burned. Smart, I know.

Well, you learn from your mistakes. The point I’m trying to get across is that firstly, it’s easy to get sucked into the hype. No folks, the way to make money fast, only really exists when you are being dishonest and this comes with risks most often not worth taking. I don’t remember anything easy about those first few weeks. It was work. No one gets rich by doing nothing. Secondly, make sure you’ve done your homework before you decide to take on something and close the loop on the entire process, so you know how you’re going to get paid J

Why People Buy the “Idea of Being Rich”

People love to buy the “idea of something”. The slow arduous process to wealth is just not as appealing. It’s not sexy, so it doesn’t sell. So when people see an ad that promises them they can make money fast online, it’s an immediate draw. Money and fast are you main attractive points. This is why so much of advertising is geared toward selling you the end result. The guy in a white suit, on a yacht with scantily clad women. Don’t forget the Lamborghini. It’s pure emotion. Hard work is not popular because it’s so much harder to sell. Most people want something for nothing. They all want the shortcuts. They’re looking for “5 secrets to getting rich, without working” or the “Quit your job today and make money while you sleep”.

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Even though I made some money from that venture, it was still a lot of very mentally tiring work. Today, is no different, nothing has changed. It still takes a lot of concentrated effort to make money online, market a web site, product or service. Making money from ventures that produce residual income is wise and do produce in the long term, but they still require a lot of sweat equity to get momentum going. There is a plethora of information and misinformation available online. Be discerning.

Making Money Still Takes Hard Work

Have you ever wondered why the people who push all this make money fast rubbish continue to leave the part about working hard, out? It’s because when they do, they lose more than 90 percent of their audience! They can’t then fleece the vast majority of green eyed, sold on the “fake American dream” people. These are the people who want to take the easy path to riches and often fall prey to others who are all too eager to take their money.

Sadly, that’s where the easy money is at. It’s found when you’re dishonest and provide no true value.

The world is filled with people who take advantage of weaker, less informed people. Do yourself a favor. If you’re considering blogging for cash or just toying with the idea of building a web site to monetize, you can save yourself a lot of disappointment by refusing to believe the hype. Find a niche, roll up your sleeves and do some honest to goodness hard work. The money will come.