Working with menus and navigation in WordPress (Part 13)

This video tutorial walks through how to build a navigation system for your Wordpress web site. There are many ways to create navigational elements that incorporate the most valuable pieces of information on your web site. Most commonly, a horizontal bar across the top or vertically along the left side of the page is space that is traditionally used...

Preparing files for upload to your web server (Part 5)

Wordpress (Blogging Software) Download Wordpress FileZilla (FTP - File Transfer Protocol) Download FileZillaContinued in part 6 where we will walk through how to upload files via FTP. All web site hosts that are worth their salt, offer some way for you to upload files to their web server. Most reliably though, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is used. In this demonstration it is...

How to format and beautify your blog posts (Part 12)

This video tutorial walks through how to beautify pages and posts in Wordpress. A very simple process, once you understand the similarities with a word processor. Beautification is more than just choosing colors and fonts, images and video. You need logical order and structure that leads your visitor to make a decision. For this page, I want my visitors to watch...

How to add a contact form to WordPress (Part 15)

This video tutorial details the adding of a contact form to your Wordpress site and is pretty straightforward. You can create a new contact form for a multitude of pages on your site. I will be making future tutorials to showcase a variety of more advanced features... so rest assured, this is just the beginning and just enough to...

How to upload files to your web server using FTP (Part 6)

The video tutorial above shows how easy it is to upload files to your web server using FTP. Yes FTP is still necessary to know how to do in the days of simple upload forms that most shared web site hosts provide. This method is a reliable alternative to uploading through the browser using your web site hosts control...

How to create and prepare the database for WordPress (Part 7)

The life blood of any CMS is its database. We create and prepare the database to house all your Wordpress data. It's where the information comes from and is stored. The proper creation of your database is critical. Simply following these few simple guidelines pointed out in this video tutorial will keep your web site much safer than the...

An Overview of WordPress (Part 9)

Now that you've completed the Wordpress installation, it's time to go through a brief overview of Wordpress to get you familiar with the dashboard control panel. This is where you will be administering all your Wordpress features. This is not an exhaustive tutorial but we will cover all the major areas of Wordpress in following videos.

Improve the Look and Feel of your WordPress Site (Part 16)

Improving your sites appearance-part 16video
You've completed the beginner's series on how to make a blog/web site. I hope this tutorial series helped you get a web presence you can be proud of.  Your next steps should be finding ways to improve conversions, generate traffic and reach goals you set for your web site. In the coming tutorials we'll cover ways to incorporate web site analytics...

Registering your domain name (Part 2)

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How to create posts in WordPress (Part 10)

This video tutorial walks through how to create posts in Wordpress. In a later video I will walk through exactly how to beautify your posts and pages. Posts form the life blood of content for any blog style web site. Posts are traditionally displayed in the order of latest first, similar to how email is displayed. A Few Tips on Posts One...